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Ch.Ahornstreet´s Jumping Jack Flash (Novak)

"Ahornstreet´s Jumping Jack Flash""Ahornstreet´s Jumping Jack Flash""Ahornstreet´s Jumping Jack Flash""Ahornstreet´s Jumping Jack Flash"

Goodbye from Germany and the way in the new World Australia

On the 20th of August arrived the time, after one year planing. Novak - "Ahornstreet´s Jumping Jack Flash" - begun his jouney to his new home, into the kennel "Danrith" and to Dawn Bennett. He has an wonderful home in Australia. We wish Novak and Dawn much luck and success in the future!

After 30 days of quaranten, the time for Dawn to see him the first time

Dawn Bennett

Won on his first show -best junior of group- was for e wonderful start. On the 7 th of December did he won the tille again.

We wish you both, dear Dawn end Novak, much sucess and Luck in the futur to.

Novak Best in Show Northern Classic Kennel Club

Group Judge - Mrs. E. Locke

Best In Show Judge - Mrs. V.Spence

Ahornstreet`s Jumping Jack Flash (Novak) and Cath in move

15 -16.03.2003

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