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Jouet Let´s Celebrate

Ch. Sanvar´s Time To Celebrate
Ch. Wessex Celebration Ch. Pinafore President Ch. Safari´s Show Explorer
Ch. Pinafore Parade
Ch. Eaton Ngorongora Ch. Longleat Alimar Raisin Cane
Ch. Eaton Busting With Joy
Ch. Bellefleet Sandant Black Magic Ch. Sanvar´s Chances Are Ch. Lavia`s Fabulous Fargo
Ch. Seabonay Kelly Girl
Ch. Sanvar´s Mark Of A Lady Ch. Terima the Moor
Ch. Seabonay Kelly Girl
Ch. Jouet Doing It The Spectacular Way
Ch. Jouet The Prime Sparkler Ch. Ellery The Prime Mover Ch. Pamala´s Affaire Of The Heart
Ellery´s Andromeda
Jouet Leaving Sparkling Marks  
Ch. Härbovi´s Spectaular Miss Azadi Ants In The Pants  
Härbovi´s Never Say Never Ch. Lentella Love Unlimited
Ch. Dagny

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