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Ch. Ahornstreet Inescapeable "I.Q."  born 22.09.99-28.04.2011   

Ahornstreet Inescapeable "I.Q.Ahornstreet Inescapeable "I.Q.
      photo "Eyk"  with 19 month           Best in Show Veteran mit 9 Jahren

REC Jugend Champion 2000

Bundes-Jugendsieger 2000 VDH

Ch. Luxembourg 2002

Europe Winner VDH 04.05.2002

Deutscher Champion VDH

Inter Champion

Thai Champion, Asian Champion

Top Dog NON-SPORTING Group Nr.1 2003 Thailand
Top Standard Poodle Nr.1 2002 Thailand

I. Q. in Thailand 

Ahornstreet Inescapeable "I.Q." blk
PRA+Pat,Lux oB/HD A 1 frei


Eyk in Luxemburg  März 2002

Ch. Choux-Portée Barim (b)
Ch. Härbovi`s Toronto Maple Leaves (b) Ch. Härbovi´s Knock in On Heavens Door (b) Ch. Vanitonia Heavens Fury (b)
Ch. Jouet I´M A Bitch When I See Red (b)
Härbovi´s Chasin«Rain Bows (b) Ch. Härbovi´s Never Lose A Date (b)
Racketeer In The Pink Again (b)
Dassin Dorianne (b) Ch. Dassin Delancy (b) Ch. Dassin Delano (b)
Ch. Dassin De Ville CD (b)
Dassin Dum De Dum Dum (b) Ch. Dassin Delano (b)
Ch. Dassin Dieci (b)
Ch. Winwood Black Miss Marjarita (b)
Ch. William the Bard from Montravia (b) Ch. Montravia Tommy Gun (b) Ch. Montravia Gay Gunner (b)
Tuttlebees Dilemma from Tiopepi (b)
Miss Grace (b) Ch. Montravia Don Carlos (w)
Vanitonia Fiona Fig of Teilwood (b)
Ch. Winwood Black Farouche Touch of a Gun (b) Ch. Montravia Tommy Gun (b) Ch. Montravia Gay Gunner (b)
Tuttlebees Dilemma from Tiopepi (b)
Ch. Black Chantal vom Phantasialand (b) Ch. Apiele Times Square (b)
Jule von der Gibichsburg (b)

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